Here's what her clients say about Heather:

We were under the strong impression that our videos were pretty color-rich until we entered Heather's studio. During the initial comparison of the original and the corrected signal we couldn't resist suspecting that she was pulling our leg by only tweaking the color knob on a monitor that gave the original footage a much shabbier appearance than we recalled. Obviously, this was not the case and the real truth was that Heather "simply" revealed the smallest trace of color in the original signal and made the corrected image sparkle.

Sequence by sequence, Heather brought to life a spectrum of color we couldn't even begin to imagine existed in our footage. Not only were our videos upgraded to broadcast quality, but Heather also made the colors in them "radiate" like pigments in Rothko's canvases. And all of the work happened virtually within a blink of an eye. Heather's expertise and professionalism match only the highest industry standards. At exhibitions many people have asked us how we managed to produce such great and rich colors in our videos. Now you know.


As a video artist, I am at the mercy of a continually evolving and prohibitively expensive medium, video. Inevitably, at the point of mastering my work to a requisite, high grade industrial format, I must turn to a professional. And that professional for my last five projects, spanning a period of eight years, has been Heather Weaver. Heather is a master editor and color correctionist with astounding artistic sensibilities. From the moment I first sat with her in her On-Line suite to master The Ochre Valley, I knew that I had found a sympathetic home in her serene ability to translate my vision onto DigitalBeta. In fact, I believe her talents to be alchemical-my finished masters in her color correction hands far exceeding the image depth of the source materials I bring for her to work from.

Perhaps of even more importance to me is the implicit understanding Heather has for what it is I do in my art. Mine is a painfully obsessive style, demanding sensibilities and corrections measured in minutiae. Heather has met each and every demand with inspired technical prowess, and tireless humility, as if the work were none but her own. Working with Heather is a richly collaborative experience. My video masters attest to the great fortuitious blessings having found someone like Heather to work with.

- Jordan Biren

More testimonials coming soon!